Nopali Help

Creating A Patient Chart

There are 2 ways to create a patient chart: through the search view and through the scheduler.

Creating Patient Chart Using The Search View

The search view can be used to create a new patient chart:

Nopali Search View

Press the '+' button at the top right of the search view. A panel will come down in which you can enter details of the contact information for the patient.

New Chart Button

Creating Patient Chart Using The Scheduler

The scheduler may also be used to create a patient chart. This is a convenience method and can be used to create appointments for new patients over the phone. Go to the scheduler interface and drag across an area in the calendar to create a new appointment:

New Appointment Panel

To create a new chart, you must first toggle the 'Patient Appointment' checkbox. You can then press the 'New Patient' button:

New Patient Button

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