Nopali FAQ

General Questions

Can I use Nopali with Windows?

Sorry, no Windows clients are available. However, you could always change your computers to Macs and run the occasional Windows program on them. ;-)

I can't connect to the database. Help!

You should refer to the connection instructions found here.

When I connect to the database remotely using the Internet, file transferring is much slower than when I am in the office network. Why?

When you are in the office connected to the database using the local network, the Ethernet speed is in the order of Megabits or Gigabits. When you are connecting through the Internet, your server has to upload the data to the Internet at speeds over a thousand times slower. This is because your Internet Service Provider (ISP) generally limits the upload speed. You can improve the performance by contacting your ISP and ask them to increase the upload speed for your server.

Can I sync with my iPhone?

You can use the Nopali Mobile app found in the App Store.

Can I demo the software?

You can download a demo copy of the software at the Nopali website found here.

Can I import billing data into Quickbooks?

You can export any table data into tab-delimited format which can then be imported into Excel or Quickbooks. Instructions can be found here.

My license expired. What do I do?

You can purchase a license renewal through the Nopali Preferences > License area.